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Finest Pool Cleaning Servicve in Edinburg TX

Are you looking to pool service in Edinburg, Texas? You came to the right place! Edinburg Pool Service Pros is your number one resource for pool services and pool-related information around the city of Edinburg Texas. With over ten years of experience, we have the expertise, knowledge, and equipment to service all pool types including monthly maintenance, repair, remodeling, cleaning, winterization, and restoration.

We are pleased to offer our clients a wide range of pool services including pool cleaning Edinburg service. We provide our clients with the highest quality workmanship at reasonable prices. Our technicians have over ten years of pool service experience. We are committed to using only the finest pool supplies and pool chemicals in all pool assemblies. Call us now for a free estimate!

man standing on rock cleaning commercial pool
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man cleaning large pool with a vacumm

Monthly Maintenance

Maintaining a pool is not just pool cleaning or pool repair. It includes pool pump repair or pool filter repair, pool heater service and pool chemical balance, pool parts replacement if needed.
inside of a pool skimmer filtering system

Pool Repair

Pool repair is a very normal and standard pool service that pool owners in the state of Texas should consider when owning a pool.
man in empty commercial pool installing ladder

Pool Remodeling

Remodeling of your pool can be for aesthetic purposes or to make your pool more functional.
man standing on rock cleaning commercial pool

Commercial Pool Service

Our commercial pool service will help keep your pool safe, clean, and well maintained.

Overview of our Pool Service Company

At our company, pool service is our passion. We have years of pool experience under our belts. As a pool service company, we have experienced all pool problems and can handle any pool job you need to be done. From pool repairs to pool remodeling to routine pool maintenance, we are the only company that will be your best choice for your pool needs.

We know pool service pool repairs, pool remodeling, pool cleaning, pool inspection, winterization, pool equipment repairs. We are the pool company that knows your pool inside out.

We offer inground pools and pool suites in the pool at our company. We also provide complete pool maintenance to make sure your pool is sparkling clean all year long even if you pool service pool repairs, pool remodeling, pool cleaning, pool inspection, winterization, pool equipment repairs.

We work with pools of all types including inground pools and pool suites in the pool. We have extensive experience servicing all types of pool equipment from low-end to high-end models. Our goal is to provide you with a worry-free pool that you can enjoy all year long.

yellow rubber duck in shallow end of pool
I’ve never had a problem with Edinburg Pool Service Pros in terms of quality or timeliness, and their prices are very reasonable. I always know that I will get the best service when I call them.
Curtis M.
I’ve been using Edinburg Pool Service Pros for about a year now and I think they are wonderful. They always show up on time and we have not had any major repairs so far! The guy who comes out has been very nice and helpful when we do need something, he usually gets it taken care of the next time he comes out. I would recommend Edinburg Pool Service Pros to anyone looking for a new pool service co.
Ronnie R.
Edinburg Pool Service Pros has done an excellent job maintaining my pool. They are timely, professional, and have never had any trouble fixing any problems I’ve had.
Kim W.

Our Pool Service Services

See below for more information about our top notch pool services.

Monthly Maintenance

Maintaining your pool is the most important part of why pool owners have pool service. To keep your pool, pool equipment, and pool system in good working order. It is clear that the number one reason pool owners have pool service is for monthly maintenance. If you do not maintain your pool equipment it will fail and cost more to fix than if they were maintained monthly.

Monthly maintenance is done poolside. Our pool service technician in your pool is in your pool once a month to test the chemicals, do equipment care and cleaning, check for any pool leaks or pool problems, inspect all pool equipment, pressure clean pool surface when needed, brush pool filter when needed, maintain pool heating system, blackout solar panels when it is time to winterize the pool and do pool opening in the spring pool season.

man cleaning large pool with a vacumm

Pool Repair

Pool repairs are not uncommon for pool owners to have pool service. Sometimes pool equipment just wears out over time or fails due to the age of the pool system. There is pool equipment that will fail to cause damage to the pool system which could cause your pool water level to drop and pool water chemistry to be out of balance. Pool service can fix pool equipment, pool equipment repairs will oftentimes just be covered by the pool equipment warranty. There are pool systems that have pool problems, pool owners need pool service to find these hidden pool problems before they worsen causing more costly damage.

Our pool service is available to pool owners for pool equipment repairs. We have pool technicians that are trained in pool systems, pool equipment, pool installations, pool repairs, and pool replacements. There are times when a complete pool system replacement needs to happen because it is no longer functional or has become too costly to fix.

inside of a pool skimmer filtering system

Pool Remodeling

Remodeling the pool can also be done poolside. Remodeling the pool is much more involved in comparison to pool repair. Pool remodeling has pool owners removing pool equipment, pool tiles, pool plaster or coping around the pool, and even changing pool shape if needed.

Sometimes to complete pool remodeling it is necessary to drain your pool water down before starting pool remodeling. Pool service will add pool chemicals, pool equipment, and pool water back when pool remodels are complete.

At our company pool service is available for pool repairs, pool equipment repairs, pool monthly maintenance, pool remodeling, pool cleaning, pool inspection, pool restoration work, pool equipment replacements, and more.

We at our company have more information on all of the services we offer. Our team of pool technicians is ready to take your pool service call.

man in empty commercial pool installing ladder

Commercial Pool Service

Our commercial pool service department provides pool service for business pool owners in the city of Edinburg. Our pool technicians are equipped to handle pool services for businesses of all sizes, with the ability to provide weekly pool maintenance, pool repairs, pool equipment repairs, pool renovations, and more!

We have pool technicians available to work 7 days a week, including nights and weekends. Our pool service hours are Monday through Sunday 6am-9pm. Our pool service company is fully licensed and we pride ourselves on high-quality pool service.

A pool can be an investment that can provide a lot of fun for employees or customers. Not only is a pool beneficial for physical activity and entertainment, but it creates a relaxing atmosphere as well.

man standing on rock cleaning commercial pool

Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaning can be part of the pool service or done separately from another pool service appointment. Pool cleaners clean your pool surface to remove dirt, debris, algae growths on the pool surface, and floating organic pool surface materials. Pool cleaning services are a very important pool repair pool service. If pool owners do not have pool cleaners to maintain their pool surfaces algae will start growing on pool surfaces giving pool owners more work to maintain pool water chemistry when calcification starts forming on pool surfaces.

Cleaning your pool is our pool service and pool cleaning is done poolside. Our pool service team will inspect and test pool water chemicals, run pool equipment, brush pool filter, pressure pool surface, and do winterizing pool steps to complete pool cleaning. Pool owners can choose monthly pool cleaning services if their budget allows them to get away with pool repairs more often than they need.

worker on edge of commercial pool vacuuming pool walls


Winterizing your pool is vital for the safety of pool owners and pool equipment. When pool water is left poolside through winter pool water will freeze and pool equipment will possibly not function properly when pool service techs come back to the pool in springtime. With pool opening price tags for repairs from frozen pool water are not a great way to start off your pool season so protecting your investment in your pool by pool closing pool service is a good idea to protect pool equipment well-being.

Our company provides pool closing services which will make pool opening, pool inspections, on pool equipment, pool filter inspections, pool chemical levels readings. We also change pool waterfall winterizing pool steps that are not covered by the pool equipment warranty.

man installing cover during winterization process

Pool Equipment Repairs

Pool equipment repairs are necessary for pool maintenance service. Pool owners need pool service for their equipment repairs which includes pool heaters, pool pumps, pool filters, and pool salt systems. If you have a pool pump that needs repaired, pool service can help pool owners get the pool pump repaired. Pool pumps start failing pool owners and pool equipment repairs pool service will fix pool pumps before they fail pool owners totally causing more costly damage to pools and pool water chemistry.

We want our pool customers to know they are not spending on pool equipment repairs which will affect their pool budgets in bad ways. Pool owners can also enjoy pool equipment troubleshooting once the pool filter is plugged up before choosing pool maintenance services that include pool heater repairs, and pool pump repairs.

open wire box on pool motor during repair

Pool Inspection

During a pool inspection pool, service techs discover problems before they become future issues for your pool. Pool inspection service finds pool leaks pool owners can fix before pool leaks get worse causing the pool water to drop. Pool inspection service finds pool equipment that needs pool equipment repairs which can prevent costly damage to pool surface and pool equipment later down the road.

We provide pool inspections which pool owners should be getting yearly pool maintenance. Pool owners are advised to find pool inspection services that include pool equipment repairs, pool heater repairs, pool pump repair, and pool filter repair for less money spent on future problems with pools and pool equipment. Our company pool service pool equipment repairs is pool owners pool repair pool service.

Pool Restoration

A pool restoration is done for pool leak repair, pool plaster repair, coping replacement, tile pool service, pool resurfacing pool service, pool plaster pool service pool recoating pool service. A pool restoration is an expensive pool repair that pool owners need to get done with professional pool service companies.

Pool owners can use our services to find the best pool services and other neighborhood businesses like Restaurants, Apartments, & Sporting Goods. We only use pool service pool equipment that pool owners trust for pool equipment manufacturers for pool heaters, pool pumps, pool filters, and pool salt systems. We want to make sure you understand we provide pool monthly maintenance.

man in empty commercial pool installing ladder
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Our Approach

As a pool service company, we have years of pool service expertise under our belt. That pool experience means we know what you need to keep your pool sparkling clean, clear, and healthy.

We offer pool equipment repairs, pool remodeling, pool cleaning, pool inspection, winterization, maintenance, and more. We work with pools of all types including inground pools and pool suites in the pool.

We service a wide range of pool equipment including pool filters, pool pumps, pool heaters, pool filters, pool vacuums, and more. We have extensive experience servicing all types of pool equipment from low-end to high-end models.

Our goal is to provide you with a worry-free pool that you can enjoy all year long.

Frequently asked questions
When you want pool service it’s as easy as giving us a call or filling out pool service online form. All pool companies keep pool records for all their customers and pool equipment sales. Pool service records can be found on our pool professional network profile.
Having your pool inspected is the number one way to help prevent pool accidents. A pool inspection gives professional pool service, pool repairs, pool remodeling, pool cleaning, pool equipment repairs, pool inspection, and pool restoration the opportunity to find any problems with your pool or pool equipment.
If you would like to maintain your pool’s chemical levels as recommended, the pool must be allowed at least 24 hours to circulate and neutralize pool chemical readings.
Every pool owner has this question at least once in their pool owning career. The answer is yes and no. Chemicals like chlorine tablets come with a certain shelf life. Over time, the components of pool chlorine can break down thus reducing its pool sanitation abilities.
Pool water can become out of balance if pool chemicals are not typically monitored and routinely added. Some pool chemicals, such as chlorine, use up over time or react with pool water in a way that changes their molecular structure. When pool chemical concentrations get too low the pH level of pool water begins to change. In order for pool water to stay at optimal level pool owners need to be conscious about pool chemical levels.
pH should be maintained between 7.2 and 7.8 for a pool and pool service professionals typically recommend pool owners maintain pH levels between 7.2 and 7.6 to avoid damages from pool equipment as well as bleaching pool surfaces. For pool owners that have a pool surface with tiles, pool service professionals advise that the pH level of pool water not be higher than 7.8 to avoid pool tiles becoming brittle and eventually falling off pool tile grout lines. Pool owners with vinyl pool surfaces should not allow pool pH levels to exceed 7.2 as pool surfaces can become soft and begin to wrinkle pool surfaces.
When the pool is not in use, pool owners are expected to keep their pool running. Pools should be running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is because pool pumps are designed to circulate pool water through the filter and back into the pool.
Many pool professionals would recommend pool owners clean their filters once a month. If you own or manage an apartment complex with several pool units and pool machines, pool owners should change their pool filters once every two weeks.
After pool treatment, pool users should wait at least 30 minutes prior to pool entry. This will give the pool sufficient time to become safe. Users should also avoid pool entry if they have open cuts or sores and wait at least 24 hours after pool chemical treatment.
No, pool service companies will show up at pool owners' homes when they are needed to perform pool maintenance or pool repairs. Unless the pool owner is an emergency pool repair service company, pool service companies will arrive for pool service appointments at any time during pool hours.
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